BVU Announces Program with Creighton School of Law

BVU Announces Program with Creighton School of Law

BVU Announces Program with Creighton School of Law

From left: Craig Dallon, associate dean for academic affairs at Creighton School of Law; Mike Frantz, vice president of enrollment management at BVU; Ed O’Connor, provost of Creighton; Marianne Culhane, dean of Creighton School of Law; BVU associate professors of political science Dr. Bradley Best & Lisa Best.

Buena Vista University has signed an agreement with Creighton University School of Law in Omaha, Nebraska, (CUSL) to coordinate their programs to allow BVU undergraduates in their junior year of study to apply and be considered for admission to CUSL's Juris Doctor (JD) Program and earn their bachelor's and law degrees in six years.

In what is referred to as a 3+3 admissions program, students will complete three years at BVU and three years at CUSL and receive degrees from both universities. BVU students who participate in this program will be able to obtain their law degrees in a shorter amount of time, resulting in one less year of educational costs and the ability to practice law earlier.

"We are excited about this agreement and the opportunity it affords us to coordinate our programs," said BVU President Fred Moore. "Creighton University School of Law is an outstanding institution with over 100 years of history and experience educating aspiring attorneys in the theory, practice and ethics of law. With this 3+3 agreement, well-qualified BVU students will be able to pursue their professional dreams sooner and benefit from exceptional programs at both universities."

"The closeness with which we work with undergraduate students at BVU and the accessibility of the faculty and administration at Creighton Law makes this partnership a natural fit for students who thrive in an educational environment characterized by personal mentoring," said Lisa Best, associate professor of political science at BVU and an attorney. Dr. Bradley Best, associate professor of political science at BVU states, "Creighton University's School of Law is a regional leader in equipping students with first-rate lawyering skills. The clinical and applied experiences they provide to law students make them an ideal partner for us. The theory-to-practice emphasis of a BVU education will be powerfully extended by Creighton's world-class faculty and staff."

According to the agreement, BVU pre-law students in their junior year or third year of study who will have completed a minimum of 98 credit hours of undergraduate study prior to entering law school are eligible to apply to CUSL for that year's admissions cycle and will be considered by CUSL as a qualified applicant to the school. CUSL will then consider the application materials of all qualified applicants, including grade point average, Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) score, letters of recommendation and other application materials in comparison with other applicants in the pool as they compete for seats in the given year's entering class, scholarships, funding and other privileges.

"We've had wonderful BVU graduates enter our law school and perform very well here, so we are pleased to enter into a 3+3 agreement with Buena Vista University to admit high-performing students to our JD program after three years of undergraduate work," said Marianne Culhane, Dean and Professor at Creighton University School of Law. "Creighton School of Law has long-standing experience with 3+3 programs, as we've had one for many years with Creighton's own Heider College of Business, and more recently, with the College of Arts & Sciences, and BVU seemed to be a great fit as our first non-Creighton 3+3 partner school."

After successful completion of one year of full-time study in the CUSL JD Program, students will be awarded a baccalaureate degree from BVU. Students will then earn their juris doctor degree from CUSL upon completion of the remainder of the law school program.