Logging Hours FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I submit service hours?
By submitting service hours you will be able to track all service you have done during your time at BVU. Your organization will benefit from your logged service hours for the allocation process. On a larger scale, having an accurate record of student volunteerism allows the office of community service to be more competitive when applying for grant funding that supports more volunteer opportunities.

What is this information used for?

  1. Student organization totals are reported to student senate for one step of the allocation process.
  2. Totals are reported in grant applications, evaluations, and to BVU administration.
  3. Your personal service hours information can be retrieved at any time to report on such things as resumes

What if I’m not in an organization?
You can submit service hours individually, simply put "None" in the organization box. This will qualify you for the monthly individual competition as well as support future funding efforts.

Can I submit the same hours for more than one organization?
No, hours can only be submitted for the organization in which the service is affiliated.

Does driving time count?

Do meetings count?
If the meeting is made for planning a community service project, then yes. If it is a typical organization meeting, then no.

Should I submit service hours for AWOL?
No, your site leader will submit a full report of volunteer hours.

What should I do if the electronic form doesn’t work?
You can print out a paper form and submit it to the GSLC.

Can I submit my hours on paper? If so how do I do this?
Yes, you can find paper forms in the GSLC, or print them off the Student M.O.V.E. website, fill out the forms and submit them to the GSLC.

When are hours due by?
Hours are due by midnight the last day of every month.