A.W.O.L. is BVU's alternative spring break program. In the past sixteen years we have sent 641 volunteers 160,000 miles to volunteer 28,000 hours of service! We have volunteered in five different countries and ten different states.

Mission: To immerse students in different cultures, heightened social awareness, and to advocate life-long social action through service on a local, regional, national and international level.

This year's student coordinators Luke Hastie, Amanda Miley, and Ryan Mellott have developed four wonderful trips!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of relevant social issues and their root causes
  • Gain an understanding of concepts of social justice, including power, privilege, oppression and difference
  • Share information with others about social issues
  • Gain tools to become engaged in community efforts and act on social issues throughout their lives
  • Develop a personal and sustainable commitment to Civic Engagement and become actively involved.
  • Distinguish the difference between volunteerism and social justice/ civic engagement.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively facilitate reflection and discussion among peers

*Adapted from the College of William and Mary.

AWOL 2018

Below is a list of service trips that will be leaving over spring break. Click here to apply.

Trip Descriptions

Tackling Hunger and Food Sustainability
World Hunger Relief, Inc.
This service experience will be working with the social justice issue of Hunger. The faith based organization that we will be working alongside helps bring light to the issues of hunger focusing on the low-income, disabled, and elderly communities. The organization also engages the participants in food sustainability through creating community gardens, and explaining food responsibility. While being educated on the different aspects of hunger, the participant will be working on looking at the part they play in the food system. Participant Costs: $589

Economic Development in Marginalized Communities
Panorama Service Expeditions
The organization that participants will be working with will provide a quality service experience for all who attend. The organization works hard to promote a grassroots sustainable social and economic development projects. Started by a former Alternative Break member, this organization works with the local people of the area and with participants to make sure there is mutual growth and development in key areas of the community, while also opening the eyes of the participants to the culture around them. Participants will be getting down and dirty, working in a farm setting to help one of the local communities with their economic gain. Throughout the week, the participants will be immersed in the culture that they will be working in by learning and working directly with people in the community.
Participant Costs: $992

Human Trafficking in Urban Communities
Medici Project
The organization that we are partnering with works to give participants a broad and inclusive view of the human trafficking industry. The non-profit focuses on providing experiences that are ⅓ indirect service, ⅓ direct service and ⅓ education. The organization works to get individuals who have been trafficked off the streets by direct outreach, programming and counseling.The participants will have the opportunity to have intense conversations with women who have been trafficked and with the victims who are currently in the industry that need additional assistance escaping. Participant will also have the option to serve with an organization that houses females who have escaped and are on a path to rebuilding their lives. The group will be trained in how to look for signs of trafficking and given the tools to train others and take action in our local community.
Participant Costs: $605

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BVU Service Trip Locations

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