Credentials maintained at the Career Services Office, are a composite of confidential letters of recommendation and an unofficial Buena Vista University transcript. Non-confidential files are no longer handled by the university. For information on converting your confidential file to self-managed, click here.

To help you maintain your confidential file, you may download these forms to your computer's hard drive:

  • Cover Sheet (must be typed). This form is a PC Microsoft Word document. If you are unable to open this document, a Cover Sheet in a PDF format is available by clicking here.
  • Non-Confidential Recommendation Form - We no longer accept confidential recommendations. Employers suggest that a minimum of three (3) letters be in your file. No more than eight (8) letters will be sent out. All reference letters should be returned directly to our office. Provide reference writers with the recommendation form, a copy of your resume and stamped, pre-addressed envelope addressed to: Career Services, Buena Vista University, 610 West Fourth Street, Storm Lake, IA 50588. Reference writers may also use their company letterhead to write a reference. But all references MUST be signed.

    INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND YEAR OF GRADUATION AT THE TOP OF THE RECOMMENDATION FORM. After downloading the recommendation form, open the file and double click on the header at top of form. Type your name and year of graduation on each form before distribution to reference writers. Close header menu bar, save and then print.

    The Recommendation Form is a PC Microsoft Word document. If you are unable to open this document, a Recommendation Form in a PDF format is available by clicking here.

  • For information about obtaining an official copy of your Buena Vista University transcript, contact the Registrar's Office at (712) 749-2233.
  • All fees must be paid in advance before credentials will be sent. You can mail payment to: Career Services, BVU, 610 W. Fourth St., Storm Lake, Iowa  50588; or you may call with your credit card number to (712) 749-2440 or fax it to (712) 749-2036. We discourage e-mailing credit card information as it is not a secure method.

    $4 per set for requests
    $10 per set to fax your credentials at your or employer request

    We reserve the right to HOLD or DESTROY credentials for non-payment of outstanding bills.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your file is complete and accurate. Contact us periodically to see if your transcript and recommendation forms have been received in our office.
  • All requests for credentials to be mailed out must be submitted to Career Services either through our online form, e-mail, fax or letter. Although most requests are processed within 48 hours, it can take up to 72 hours for credentials to be mailed. ALL REQUESTS FOR SUBMISSIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED EITHER THROUGH ONLINE FORM, E-MAIL, FAX, OR LETTER.

Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Managed Credentials