A decision to attend graduate school involves a great deal of thought and advance planning. Above all, be sure you know why you want to go.  Make sure your interests are clearly defined.  Then start to research the schools that offer the course of study you want.  Talk to the faculty in your field; they will be networked with some graduate faculty and can give you a lot of insights into the whole graduate school experience.  You may wish to wait until you've acquired some experience in the working world; that's also a good decision. Graduate admissions committees often value the real world experiences you bring to their graduate program.

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What can you do with a Graduate Degree in... ?

Click on the link below to view a variety of graduate or Masters degrees you may be thinking about.  Associated with those degrees are representative job titles, places of employment, and related links.  We thank Salisbury University for allowing us to share this information intended to help you clarify your decision to attend graduate school.


If you need a little more help with Graduate School, check out our Graduate School Handbook.

It has lots of helpful hints on applying, writing the personal statement, and lots of other great information.

Print Resources

Most print materials can be borrowed from our Career Library for two-day periods. A partial list includes:

Graduate School and You (a brief summary of the decision-making process)
Peterson's Guides to Graduate and Professional Programs (also available in the BVU Main Library).
Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools
Official Guide to MBA Programs

Graduate Admissions Essays
How to Write a Winning Personal Statement
Cracking the GRE
Miller Analogy Test

LSAT Success (law school exam)
GMAT Success (business school exam)
MCAT Success (medical school exam)

Web Resources

Recommended web sites, comprehensive

Peterson's Guides for Graduate Schools

Resources for writing personal statements

Personal Statements

Nationally Administered Admissions Tests

  • Graduate School Admissions Tests - Site links to all graduate tests, including dental, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary, allied health
  • LSAT - Law School Admission Council
  • GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test
  • GRE - Graduate Record Exam
  • MCAT - Medical College Admission Test
  • TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language

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