Recruitment Services

College Central Network

We are pleased to announce partnership with College Central Network to provide comprehensive web-based job search services to employers, students and alumni. You can now register online with us and post jobs at no cost to you. And, you'll be able to search our students' resumes at your convenience, 24/7.
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College Central Network

On Campus Recruiting

Schedule a date to interview BVU students in the Office of Career and Personal Development. We offer both open and pre-selected schedules. If you would like to pre-select candidates, we ask that you schedule your interview date two to three weeks in advance. Contact Career and Personal Development for more information at (800) 383-2821, ext. 2440

Career Connect

In March of each year, Career and Personal Development hosts recruiting organizations for a series of informal networking events with our students. If you are interested in attending please contact Career and Personal Development.

Information Sessions for Students

Contact us in order to reach out to our students in these additional ways:

Information Table: Set up a display table near the cafeteria over the lunch or dinner hour.

Presentation: Speak to a student organization such as the Business Club, Marketing Club, Association for Computing Machinery, Students of Diverse Populations and more. 

Classroom: Present your organization’s story in a class relevant to your organization’s recruiting interests.