Recruitment Services


We are pleased to announce our new partnership with GradLeaders to provide comprehensive web-based job search services to employers, students and alumni. We are in the process of implementing this new web-based database.  Please check back soon to utilize this new and improved service!  In the meantime, please email any job opportunities you wish to post to or call (800) 383-2821 ext 2440.  

On Campus Recruiting

Schedule a date to interview BVU students in the Office of Career and Personal Development. We offer both open and pre-selected schedules. If you would like to pre-select candidates, we ask that you schedule your interview date two to three weeks in advance. Contact Career and Personal Development for more information at (800) 383-2821, ext. 2440

Information Sessions for Students

Contact us in order to reach out to our students in these additional ways:

Information Table: Set up a display table near the cafeteria over the lunch or dinner hour.

Presentation: Speak to a student organization such as the Business Club, Marketing Club, Association for Computing Machinery, Students of Diverse Populations and more. 

Classroom: Present your organization’s story in a class relevant to your organization’s recruiting interests.