Career and Personal Development is the place to go for all things career-related!  We challenge and support you in the career development process by providing you with opportunities, resources, and information that lead to satisfying and productive lives. Here’s how we do it:

Career counseling – we encourage you to explore a range of interests and majors in your first two years.  We provide personal career counseling to students, including interest and personality assessment, occupational information, and assistance with selecting a major.

Internships – Buena Vista University has a vibrant internship program, with faculty partners in each of our five schools.  Many majors, such as social work, athletic training, and education, have the “internship” built in, while popular majors such as business and biology will help you to find an internship to support your career direction. 

Life after BVU – Career and Personal Development will assist you with your transition from college to career, whether that involves employment, graduate school, or service programs.  Faculty and alumni play a key role as well – over the last five years, over 95% of our students were situated in a job or graduate program when surveyed 6 months after graduation.