1. Present University gift policy states that all faculty/staff are required to maintain freedom of action, to deal impartially with suppliers and must refuse gifts or other favors that might give rise to doubt concerning their impartiality. Gifts are interpreted to be any article for personal use, regardless of value, including tickets to entertainment, except incidental items having a value of less than $5.00.
  2. When possible, alternative sources of supply will be developed to encourage competition and provide goods and services in emergency situations..
  3. A satisfactory source of supply will not be changed unless there is a definite advantage to making the change.
  4. The following situations must be avoided to adhere to the University's policy on conflict of interest:
    • A University employee must not have a direct financial interest nor be a consultant in a firm considered for purchases by the University.
    • A University employee must not have an immediate family financial interest nor other personal interest in a firm being considered for purchases by the University.
  5. The purchasing department may not purchase goods or services for personal use by staff/faculty of the University.

Exception to the above principles must be approved by your vice president.