General Policies

  1. All purchases of $250 or more must go through the purchasing department.
  2. The purchasing department is the normal channel of communication between the University and our suppliers. As such, it is expected that suppliers will contact the purchasing department and that representatives of other offices/centers in the University will keep the director of purchasing fully informed of programs that may eventually result in purchases of $250.
  3. The purchasing department has the responsibility for buying the goods, materials, and services required by the University. In order to provide economical materials management, certain items require the expertise of other offices/sites. Items such as computers, copiers and certain maintenance items require the review of the Chief Information Officer, the Operations Manager and the Director of Facilities Management.
  4. In the case of all major computer hardware and software purchases, the Operations Manager, the appropriate vice president, and the Chief Information Officer should be involved in order to ensure consistency and standardization of the equipment purchases.
  5. In order to ensure buildings across campus are consistent in quality and the ambiance of the buildings is maintained, carpeting, furniture, and wall covering should be selected through the Operations Manager, the Facilities Management Director, and the appropriate vice president. In every case, these people should be involved in the process.
  6. All purchases of $1500 or more require the signature of the appropriate Vice President.
  7. The purchasing department will arrange interviews between suppliers, representatives and other department heads/site directors when requested to do so.
  8. Members of the purchasing department and other agents of the University are not permitted to make personal purchases for employees.
  9. Local, area, and state vendors should be used where possible. Remember that postage, handling, and freight charges add to the expense of the items you purchase.