Travel Advance

DPS Travel Advance in 23 Easy Steps

You cannot use a mouse. This is all text oriented. User arrow and enter keys.

  1. Click on POISE — this may be an icon at the bottom of your screen or you can find it in applications.
  2. Type username and password.
  3. At "$" sign, type DPS and hit enter.
  4. Arrow to "REQ" and hit enter.
  5. When "REQ" entry screen comes up, hit F7.
  6. Type "TR" or enter F9 and scroll to travel request, hit enter.
  7. Vendor number: Type first 3 letters of your last name, scroll down to your name , hit enter (names are not alphabetical by first name) or type 88888, hit enter. Note: If you name is not in the vendor list, call the business office and find out what your number is and write it on this sheet.
  8. Leave vendor contact and fax blank, hit enter each time.
  9. Date: enter a Friday date before you need the travel advance. The business office asks that you have your requests in by Tuesday of each week. Example: you need a travel advance on Wednesday, April 10. Your request should be made before or by Tuesday, April 2 with date needed listed as Friday, April 5. Date needs at least 6 digits. Example: 041002 (no spaces or dashes)
  10. Message — leave blank, hit enter.
  11. Requested by: name of person making request, hit enter.
  12. Ship to: name of person who needs travel advance, hit enter.
  13. Bldg: type name of building, hit enter.
  14. Ship to: enter #1 or CTRL-L for options. Storm Lake is #1, hit enter.
  15. Via: leave blank, hit enter.
  16. Press F7 to add travel information, hit enter.
  17. Account number enters automatically, hit enter.
  18. Type purpose of meeting, hit enter.
  19. Destination: enter destination information, hit enter.
  20. Date Depart: enter date (6 digits), hit enter
  21. Date Return: enter date (6 digits), hit enter
  22. Total Amount: enter amount, hit enter.
  23. Enter F10 to exit. At the $ sign type LO (log out).
Help Desk: Tanya Landgraf, Purchasing Department
Phone: 749.2212