DPS Budget Transfer in 18 Easy Steps

You cannot use a mouse. This is all text oriented. User arrow and enter keys.

  1. Click on POISE — this maybe an icon at the bottom of your screen or you can find it in applications.
  2. Type username and password.
  3. At "$" sign, type DPS and hit enter.
  4. Arrow to "REQ" and hit enter.
  5. When REQ entry screen comes up, press F7. The requisition number and date are automatically entered for you.
  6. Request type: Type "BR" or enter F9 and scroll to budget transfer.
  7. Vendor: type 77777
  8. Leave blank: vendor contact, vendor fax. Hit enter each time.
  9. Enter date needed: example: 031002 (March 10, 2002). Hit enter
  10. Leave message field blank.
  11. Enter requested by, ship to name and building. Address code is 1. Hit enter
  12. Via — leave blank, press enter
  13. Press "F7" to add your budget transfer information. Press enter.
  14. Enter G.L. account number information. Do not put dashes or spaces in your account number. You can press F9 to get a list of all the accounts available to you or enter the account number if you know it.
  15. Description of request: example "debit this account" or "credit this account" Hit enter.
  16. Revision amount: enter the amount you wish to transfer. Enter a (-) negative sign in front of the amount you are transferring from. Hit enter.
  17. Press "F7" again to enter a positive dollar amount in the account you are transferring to. THESE AMOUNTS MUST BE IN WHOLE DOLLARS—NO CENTS.
  18. To exit, press "F10". At the $ sign type lo (log out).

Note: Budget transfer requests must equal out to a zero amount. Example: 1010-0401-XXXX —positive $20.00 and 1010-0401-XXXX —$20.00 negative equal zero.

If you need additional information, refer to the detailed DPS Approvers Handout, pages 1-5.

Help Desk: Suzette Radke, Controller
Phone: 749-2044