Damaged Goods

When your order is received, compare the invoice or packing slip to the purchase order. Open cartons immediately to check for damage. The truck driver can wait until you do this. If you see obvious damage to the carton or goods upon delivery, either refuse the delivery or make note on the bill of lading that goods were damaged. If you accept the shipment and find hidden damage, save the carton that the product came in and report the damage to the purchasing department. Forward all packing slips/bill of lading to the purchasing department with instructions about what you want done with the damaged items (replacement or discount).

If items are okay, wait for the invoice then initial and code with the account number to be charged.  Forward the invoice to the Business Office, Accounts Payable, for payment.

When the invoice is paid by accounts payable, the encumbrance will be removed from your account and the actual expenditure, plus shipping, will be charged to the account.