Boat Building Tips

  • Set a goal: are you building a fun/creative boat or a speed boat?
  • Plan the right size boat - a box 1' x1' x 3' will float 180 pounds... so, if your boat is big enough to hold you, in all probability it will also be big enough to float.
  • If you plan to have a 6 person crew, build a boat that will fit 6 people. Be sure that you account for their weight. 
  • Flat Bottoms tend to be less "tippy" than V-shaped bottoms.
  • The lowest center of gravity (sitting in the bottom of the boat) is the most stable position.
  • Dimension Considerations: Longer boats go faster, but they are harder to turn.
  • Don't make your boat sides too high so it blocks your arms when you paddle.
  • Plan width based on the number of people. 
  • Search the Internet for cardboard boat examples (there are many different types of boat designs).