As a member of the NCAA, Buena Vista University student-athletes must adhere to the NCAA academic eligibility guidelines as set forth in the NCAA Division III Manual. These requirements shall apply for practice, for regular-season competition and NCAA championships. They include the following:

  • Be enrolled in a minimum full-time program of study leading to a baccalaureate or equivalent degree.
  • Be eligible as defined by the academic standing policy. Students are considered academically eligible and making satisfactory progress if their academic standing exceeds the suspension standards detailed in the academic standing policy.

Further, student athletes shall meet the following conditions:

  • A student-athlete shall not engage in more than four seasons of intercollegiate competition in any one sport.
  • A student-athlete shall complete his/her seasons of competition during the first 10 semesters in which the student is enrolled in a collegiate institution in at least a minimum full-time program of study.
  • When determining initial eligibility for a new transfer student who has ever participated in intercollegiate athletics, the student must have been academically and athletically eligible had he or she remained at the previous institution.

Full-time status is defined as enrollment in 12 credit hours per semester. Students that drop or withdraw from a course during a semester, falling below the 12 credit hour minimum, shall be ineligible. A waiver of the minimum full-time enrollment requirement may be granted for a student enrolled in the final term of his/her baccalaureate program. Review of student academic progress occurs in January, June, and September by the university’s academic standing committee.

In addition, NCAA student-athlete required consent forms shall be administered by the NCAA compliance coordinator.

A complete list of NCAA Division III eligibility guidelines is available from the NCAA compliance officer.