Students may appeal a faculty member's decision to the Dean of Faculty (or his/her designee). The decision from the Dean of Faculty is final.

If an appeal is made to the Dean of Faculty, the following procedures are to be used:

  • A written request for hearing must be made with the Dean of Faculty within two weeks of the faculty member's decision being communicated with the student. The written notification from the student should include his/her understanding of the events that occurred and his/her reasons for the appeal. 
  • The Dean of Faculty will engage in fact-finding that he/she deems appropriate, after which the Dean of Faculty will meet with the student, his/her academic advisor, and the faculty member involved. In the event the faculty member involved is the student's advisor, the student will select another faculty member to attend the meeting. 
  • The Dean of Faculty's decision will be communicated in writing to the student, the faculty member, the advisor, and the appropriate school dean within one week of the meeting.