Grading Reports

A grade report is available to students via the Campus Connect registration system at the end of each grading period. A student may specifically request a printed copy.

Letter Grades

Student grades normally are reported in letters: A-excellent; B-good; C-satisfactory; D-poor; F-failed; L-co-requisite lab; IP-in progress; NRR-no report received; P-pass; NC-no credit; CR-credit/pass; Allaudit; F.-failure to fulfill ACES requirement.

IP – In Progress

In consultation with the Registrar, this grade is to be used in rare cases for courses where the course requirements extends from one term into another by university design (i.e. student teaching). This is a non-punitive grade. If a grade change has not been submitted by the end of the next academic term, a grade of “F” or “NC’ will be conferred.

L-Co-Requisite Lab

L-Co-Requisite Lab is non-punitive and does not effect grade point calculation. It designates a 0 credit co-requisite lab course.

Calculation of GPA

Grade point average is computed by dividing honor points by the number of hours attempted for letter grade. Honor points are determined by multiplying the number of semester hours per course by the honor points assigned for each letter grade. For example, a three-hour course with a grade of “B” would result in nine honor points (3x3=9). Honor points for each course are computed and totaled and divided by the total letter-graded hours. Grade point averages are computed for the semester or term and for the cumulative record.A student’s cumulative grade point average will include BVU credits only. Grades earned at other institutions are not reflected on the BVU official transcript.

Contract for Change of Grade

Under exceptional circumstances a student may be unable to complete all assigned coursework by the end of the term. In such cases it is the student’s responsibility to confer with the instructor regarding the specific nature of the difficulties. Upon request of the student, the instructor will evaluate the situation. If the instructor agrees that major unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the student prevent timely completion of course requirements, the instructor will record on the official grade roster a grade that reflects the grade earned for all work required for the course. The instructor will also submit a contract for change of grade (with the original grade roster for that course) that indicates the work to be completed and a completion deadline, determined by the instructor and not to exceed six weeks into the subsequent term/semester. If a student is unable to meet with the instructor due to a catastrophic situation, the vice president for student services, the vice president for academic affairs or the associate dean for BVU Professional & Online Studies may authorize the instructor to issue a “NRR” until such time as the student can be reached. This grade (NRR) must be replaced by a permanent grade no later than six weeks into the subsequent semester or term or the grade will revert to an “F” or “NC.” When the work is completed, the instructor will report a grade change to the registrar. If no grade change is reported, the original grade will remain. The deadline may not be extended except by written permission of the academic dean or designee. In some cases, a change of grade may affect a student’s status for financial assistance. Upon request of the student, the student’s aid eligibility may be reevaluated. Any appropriate changes will take effect at the beginning of the next term of study immediately following the change of grade. Aid changes will not be made retroactively.

Pass/No Credit Grades (P/NC option alternative)

Courses not otherwise designated may be taken for pass/no credit, but no more than two courses in the major field or a total of eight courses in pass/no credit may be credited toward graduation. Courses for which grading is only pass/no credit do not count toward these totals. A student may choose no more than three pass/no credit courses in an academic year, one of which may be the interim course. No more than one pass-no credit course may be taken in a given semester/term. Although there is no restriction on the number of courses a student may choose P/NC grading for in a minor, students should not take more than one course in a minor and/or area of concentration as P/NC.

A course in which the student has earned “NC” will show on the transcript as attempted and be treated as any other course if repeated. The instructor determines the level of achievement required in order to receive the “P” grade.

Designation of a course grading system may be changed once until the end of the ninth week of classes in a regular semester, or the ninth class period during interim, or approximately two-thirds of the way through a term. Only one such change is permitted. Students must secure their advisor’s signature before they will be allowed to switch to pass-no credit grading. (See academic calendar for specific dates).

Pass/no credit courses do not count in the grade point average or the cumulative grade point average. Academic honors will be computed on letter grade courses only.

The pass/no credit option cannot be exercised in repeating a course for change of grade previously earned under the traditional letter grade system.

Domestic and international travel courses and internships will only be graded P/NC.

Grade Changes

Once a grade has been submitted to the registrar, that grade may be changed only if an error has been made in the calculation or transcription of the original grade. Students will not be allowed to do extra work to improve grades after the grades have been reported to the registrar. Should a faculty member wish to change a grade for any other reason, the request with justification should be submitted to the VPAA/dean of the faculty for approval. No grade change may be made after the end of the succeeding semester.

Honor Points

Honor points are allocated for each credit hour earned as follows:
A - 4 honor points
B - 3 honor points
C - 2 honor points
D - 1 honor points
F - 0 honor points

Dean's List

Academic honors, the Dean's List, and membership in Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities are all dependent upon superior scholarship as measured by grade point averages or cumulative grade point averages. The Dean's List recognizes full-time students achieving a 3.5 grade point average for the semester.