BVU Science Students Go Behind the Scenes at Mayo Clinic and More

BVU Science Students Go Behind the Scenes at Mayo Clinic and More

BVU Science Students Go Behind the Scenes at Mayo Clinic and More
Top from left: Kathryn Keller, Kalab Kibret, Derek Hunwardsen, and Emily Kim. Bottom from left: Rachel Kehrberg, Kay Wibben, Nadia Ecyomuhendo, and Amanda Miley.

Eight students from Buena Vista University (BVU) spent fall break visiting Mayo Clinic, Imanis Life Sciences, and Sanford Health Research Center, where they received a behind-the-scenes look at various types of science and medicine-based professional opportunities.

Dr. Brian Lenzmeier, professor of biology, and Dr. Thomas Bonagura, assistant professor of biology, were the faculty advisors for the trip, which was sponsored by the BVU Stine Endowment Committee and the Otteman Internship and Research Fund. The Mayo Foundation and the Sanford Health Foundation also helped with costs associated with the trip.

Every other year, the BVU science department offers a student discovery trip similar to this during fall break. The timing is intentional so students do not miss classes and are able to observe their surroundings on a weekday when there is a lot of activity happening at the facilities.

During the visit to Mayo Clinic, BVU students engaged with graduate students, met with the department chair of Mayo’s virology and gene therapy program, Dr. Yasuhiro Ikeda, and received an inside look at research laboratories and other core departments. The students also had the opportunity to spend time in a facility adorned with a name familiar to the BVU community — the Siebens Medical Education Building — which is named in honor of Dr. Harold Walter Siebens and his wife, Estelle.

The group also visited Imanis Life Sciences, a biotechnology company, where they engaged with research scientists and toured the facility. The students’ final stop of the trip was at Sanford Health Research Center, where they toured the grounds, had lunch with graduate students, and met with several research scientists.

The BVU students who participated in the trip included:

  • Nadia Ecyomuhendo, a senior biology major from Kigali, Rwanda
  • Derek Hunwardsen, a senior biology and biochemistry double major from Fairmont, Minn.
  • Rachel Kehrberg, a senior biology and music double major from Hinton
  • Kathryn Keller, a junior biology major from Rolfe
  • Kalab Kibret, a sophomore biology major from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Emily Kim, a senior biology major from Fairmont, Minn.
  • Amanda Miley, a junior chemistry and biology double major from Independence, Mo.
  • Kayanna Wibben, a junior biochemistry major from New Richland, Minn.