Phi Mu alumni traveled back to Buena Vista University to reunite and reminisce! Members enjoyed lunch in Siebens Forum followed by a campus tour and Siebens Family Legacy Presentation.  Following the presentation, the group gathered in Anderson Auditorium for music and memories!  They ended a busy day at Zimmy's Bar and Grill for dinner. Check out the first photo in the gallery for those who attended the dinner:  

Front row - Matt Wallace SL'71, Mike Patten SL'73, Jerrold Jimmerson SL'66, John Zuerrer SL'71, Al Buckingham SL'74 and Jim Vorland SL'72.  Back Row - Mark Swartz SL'71, Gary Moser SL'68, Dennis Gray SL'68, Dale Stille 71-72, Dave Delbridge SL'72, Mike Nuss SL'74, Dennis Miller SL'74, Jim Hartman SL'73 and Jerry Emerson SL'72.

Thank you Al SL'74 & Kathi SL'75 (Beving) Buckingham and John Zuerrer SL'71 for organizing and hosting this event!

If you are interested in reuniting with a group of your BV friends on campus, contact the Office of Alumni Engagement and we will help you organize your event!