Ryan Francis

After graduating from Buena Vista University, Ryan Francis decided that he wanted to work in a position where he is able to learn more about people, their goals, and help them find the right path in life. "It's important to me that I really get to know the students who I talk to so we can determine if BVU, with all of our excellent opportunities, is the right place for them," says Ryan.

When talking to students, Ryan's goal is to provide the same guidance he received during his college search process, which led him to choosing BVU. He notes that selecting a college is one of the most important life decisions someone can make, and Ryan strives to make the process as simple as possible.

Ryan was born and raised in northwest Iowa, and after working in finance in a metro area, he decided to move back to the area he loves so much. "We have a really nice lake here in Storm Lake, and I really enjoy the feel of the town. Campus itself is beautiful, but it's the invested faculty that make all the difference for the students," he says.

Ryan can be found out and about on campus, playing basketball in Siebens Fieldhouse, running near the lake, or participating in other athletic activities with friends and family.