Krislyn Erickson

For Krislyn, it’s all about giving back. As a student at BVU, she spent much of her free time leading student organizations, clubs, and even worked with a staff member to build a BVU conference from the ground up. Krislyn graduated in 2016 and and couldn’t be happier to be back at BVU helping future students achieve their own goals.

“I like to build relationships, be a mentor for others, and talk about how my personal experiences at BVU affected me and helped shape me into the person who I am proud to be today,” she says. Krislyn acted as president of Student MOVE (Mobilizing Outreach & Volunteer Efforts), leading the student body’s volunteer opportunity efforts her senior year. She also served as a civic ambassador and senior ambassador for the Iowa Campus Compact program, on the annual Buenafication Day committee, on BVU’s AmeriCorps, on the Student Activities Board, and as the civic engagement coordinator for the Geisinger Student Leadership Center on campus.

What’s more, Krislyn found her path to success at BVU after transferring in her junior year. “When I did my campus tour for the first time, the faculty, staff, and students immediately felt like a family that I wanted to be a part of, and I could tell that the University was invested in me; that’s what set BVU apart from other colleges,” she says. Krislyn fit in at BVU right away, built lifelong friendships, traveled, and logged 600 volunteer hours as a student.

“The limit does not exist at BVU. Even when I was a student, I felt like BVU was a great option for self-discovery. There are so many classes you can take here and align them with your passions.” Krislyn’s goal is to continue showing students that BVU is a place where they can grow and learn inside and outside of the classroom. Krislyn spends her free time outdoors, walking her dog Annie, and figure skating.

Krislyn Erickson