Haley Stevens

Before Haley graduated from BVU in May 2017, she was a Beaver through and through, who chose to attend a private college because of all the opportunities it provided.

“The BVU softball team was an instant family for me. I had an automatic 20 friends right off the bat, and I never felt like an outsider here,” she said. In addition to softball, Haley participated in the Student Activities Board and traveled to Tanzania for a medical trip, but it was her time spent as an Orientation Team co-director that stands out as her favorite memory. Now, as an admissions counselor, Haley is still uncovering ways to helps students find their place and showcase all that BVU has to offer.

“Choosing a college is a very important decision, and I want to be genuine while allowing students to fall in love with BVU the way that I did.” Haley believes that one of the greatest benefits of attending BVU is the idea of professors really getting to know their students, as she’s witnessed what a difference it makes. “They show you how there’s a place for everyone here, help lead you on the road to success, and make it feel like home."

As she works to help students find their niche, the perfect future internship, research area, or ability to pursue the things they love in college, she spends her free time riding her bike around the lake, cracking open a good book, or playing with her cocker spaniel, Oakley.