Griffin Truslow

When Griffin, a native of Armstrong, Iowa, began his first few days on campus as a BVU student, he had no idea that he would take what he learned in his four years and pass on the incredible support and guidance that he received to prospective students. “It feels great to help guide high school students through many of the same big decisions that I was faced with,” he says.

Between the encouragement of BVU Faculty and Staff and the student groups, such as the orientation team, Griffin almost immediately began to feel like an important member of the BVU community.

“Many of my great memories as a BVU student come from participating in traditions, organizations, and fun activities such as Triviathon.” As a communications major, Griffin also traveled to Arizona with the marketing club and Minneapolis for his two-time Vikings internship. He uses experiences like these to help others learn more about TruePromise, the impressive facilities, and other benefits BVU provides students with.

One of Griffin’s favorite aspects of his job is showing students around the beautiful campus. “I always look forward to seeing their reaction when they take a look at our lakeside location, which is just one of the reasons I chose to call Storm Lake home.”

Since his 2015 graduation, Griffin has continued to stay just as busy in and around Storm Lake as he was as a student at BVU and spends much of his free time hiking, riding his bike, kayaking, and paddle boarding.