Attendance Costs

Attendance Costs

BVU Storm Lake Campus

Ensuring that as many eligible students as possible benefit from our dynamic learning environment is a priority at BVU. We work with families to identify a variety of approaches to financing a BVU education, and ultimately they tell us that the student’s experience and preparation made the investment well worthwhile.

2017-18 Tuition and Costs

Full-time tuition $32,854
  $16,427 per semester; $1,105/hour, part-time or overload
Room and Board $9,490
  $4,774 room, $4,716 Marquis board, $100 per semester surcharge for living in the suites; additional charges apply to single housing
Total $42,344

In addition, we add $3,275 to the estimated total cost of attendance when determining financial need to cover expenses such as books, entertainment, travel expenses, etc. for a residential student as follows:

Books and supplies $999
Transportation $1,458
Loan Fee $68
Other misc.

BVU Online, Site, and Graduate Programs Tuition

Undergraduate Programs - Face-to-Face and Online 

2017-2018 Tuition rate: $421 per credit hour

Graduate Program - Master of Science in Education/Master of Education

2017-2018 Tuition rate: $517 per credit hour

In addition to the tuition charge, we also include an allowance for living expenses (including travel) and books in a student's expected cost of attendance.

Monthly allowance for students living with a parent:  $787

Monthly allowance for students not living with a parent:  $1,311

Books:  $33/per credit hour