Career & Success

Career & Success

“...given ample opportunity at BV to challenge myself”

Gail Hartsock, Class of 2009

Gail Hartsock

Hometown: Pocahontas, Iowa
Major: Mathematics
Graduate School: Baylor University, Ph.D. in Mathematics
Place of Employment: Buena Vista University
Title: Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

“The professors at BV showed me what math is truly about – logic and rationality. It is, in fact, one of the purest forms of thought the human mind can undertake. Their encouragement and support was what led me to consider graduate school, something that I, as a practical farm girl, had never considered. I was given ample opportunity at BV to challenge myself in order to prepare for graduate studies, both in regular classes and independent study. My experiences at BV allowed me to be successful in graduate school and directly impacted the person I am today.”