Career & Success

Career & Success

“…a pathway for my future”

LeeReyna Lopez Leyva, Class of 2012

LeeReyna Lopez Leyva

Hometown: Redfield, Iowa
Majors: Fine Arts and Arts Management
Graduate School: School: University of South Carolina, working on Masters of Fine Arts
Place of Employment: School: University of South Carolina
Title: Teaching Assistant in the Foundations of Art

“One of the most important aspects of Buena Vista University is how easily accessible the professors are. Professors in the art department really challenged the way I thought about art and helped me expand on a more conceptual level that led a pathway for my future. Because of how I was challenged and pushed, now I am expanding on my education and could not imagine it in any other way. I am thankful for the professors I had because they made it possible for me to believe in myself to attend graduate school.”