Career & Success

Career & Success

“...challenging me to think big”

Leisha Reynolds-Ramos, Class of 2007

Leisha Reynolds-Ramos

Hometown: Odessa, Missouri
Majors: Spanish and Secondary Education
Graduate School: American University, Master of Arts in Spanish and Latin American Studies with a certificate in Spanish-English translation; University of Arizona, working on PhD in Spanish
Place of Employment: University of Arizona
Title: Graduate Associate in Teaching (GAT) in Spanish language courses

"The School of Communication and Arts offered me numerous opportunities to travel and further my knowledge of the Spanish language and Spanish/Latin American cultures, from my first year straight to my senior year. My professors were dedicated to my learning and growth, challenging me not only to work hard, but also to think big. They are my models for the kind of professor I want to be, and BVU, my inspiration for what a college education should look like."