Career & Success

Career & Success

“…serves me well both at work and in my personal life”

Andrea J. Walkup, Class of 2007

Andrea J. Walkup

Majors: Fine Art and Arts Management
Minors: Art History and German
Place of Employment: Altamira Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming, and Scottsdale, Arizona
Title: Registrar for both locations and Galleries Manager

“I use the education I received from BVU every day. I draw upon the information from my art history classes, and on the masters of impressionism, pop, and modern movements that influence the artists we represent in both of the galleries I oversee. I also use the task of memorization of art history slides in order to keep track of our constantly changing inventory. The most valuable lesson that Dave [Boelter] and Mary [Mello-Nee] taught me, however, is to think for myself; to come up with new ideas or solutions and not be afraid of vocalizing them. That skill serves me well both at work and in my personal life.”