Career & Success

Career & Success

“...dedication, challenges, and high expectations”

Roseanne Wolf, Class of 2006

Roseanne Wolf

Hometown: Varina, Iowa
Majors: Mathematics and Physics
Graduate School: University of Iowa, Master of Science in Mathematics, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences
Place of Employment: University of Dubuque
Title: Assistant Professor of Mathematics

“I owe a large part of my career to a couple of chance conversations with BVU professors in the hallways of the science center. While I knew I always wanted to teach, I hadn’t considered graduate school as an option until a professor suggested it to me. As a new professor myself, I still look to my undergraduate professors as mentors and am able call or email them asking for advice on teaching. The dedication, challenges, and high expectations set by BV professors make lasting impressions and I can only hope to continue their legacy through my own students.”