“...research experience as well as communication skills”

Kimberly Perez, Class of 2013

Kimberly Perez

Hometown: Brownsville, Texas
Majors: Biochemistry
Graduate School: Kimberly is pursuing a Ph.D. in immunology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

“The science professors have such a high regard and passion for the subjects they teach, and they have such wisdom when it comes down to mentorship. In the four years I spent at BVU, I gained a great deal of research experience as well as communication skills that are needed to explain research to different groups of people. I am more than positive that the School of Science has provided me with great preparation for the future.”

“...breadth of knowledge across many different fields of science”

Ben Arentson, Class of 2008

Ben Arentson

Hometown: Harlan, Iowa
Majors: Biology and chemistry
Graduate School: Ben is pursuing his Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

“The education I received at BVU was very well-rounded and gave me a breadth of knowledge across many different fields of science. After five years of graduate school, I am still very grateful for the strong educational foundation I received on which to build a career. I also commend the faculty at BVU for introducing and encouraging me to participate in the summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, which ultimately led to additional educational opportunities following my time at BVU.”