“...we not only advanced our research”

Amber Riedy, Class of 2014

Hometown: Grand Island, Nebraska
Majors: Biology and chemistry
Internship: The Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences in Shanghai, China

“The biggest impact from our project that began in China was working in a lab full time and performing tasks that we could then bring back and perform at BV. We not only advanced our research during our stay in China but also our cultural knowledge.”

“...thoroughly impressed with how much I already knew”

Kimberly Perez, Class of 2013

Kimberly Perez

Hometown: Brownsville, Texas
Majors: Biochemistry
Internship: The BIO-5 Institute that paired Kimberly with an entomology lab at the University of Arizona.

“During this internship, I had hands-on experience in the lab, side by side with masters, post-doctorates, and other fellow undergraduates. I also got to sit in on laboratory meetings and present at a conference sponsored by the university. This experience definitely helped me determine if I would like to pursue a career in research. From the very first day of my internship, I was able to jump into the work and understand the topics and instructions given because of the great preparation provided by my professors. The department I worked with were thoroughly impressed with how much I already knew.”