Writing Studies

BVU's writing studies minor encourages students to view writing in terms of practice, process, and product in order to strengthen their abilities to respond to a variety of rhetorical situations. The program also solidifies students' own writerly identities for graduate programs and for the workplace.

Write for diverse audiences

Graduate programs across disciplines and careers across fields are requiring more and more writing from their students and professionals. Whether it be running a company’s social media profile or website, or responding directly to client requests, writing across mediums and platforms is a day-to-day part of work in any workplace.

Students who graduate with this minor can pursue careers in:

  • Writing (technical, professional, creative, etc.)
  • Editing and publishing
  • Public relations
  • Business
  • Law

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Interdisciplinary focus

Personalize your experience

BVU’s writing studies minor prepares students for an array of careers and offers a multifaceted approach to writing that complements each major’s subject matter and modes of communication. The program’s interdisciplinary nature allows students to chart a course through the curriculum that reflects their needs and interests.

Put knowledge to the test

From making editorial selections, copywriting and editing all material, to determining cover design and layout, students are putting their knowledge to the test with FACES, a student-produced literary and fine arts magazine.

Gain real-life experience

Put your skills to work in leadership roles! Hot Dish Magazine, an online literary journal featuring poetry and fiction by Midwestern high school students, is edited and designed by Buena Vista University students.

Sharpen your skills

Students may serve as writing tutors in the Center for Academic Excellence and receive professional tutor training in the form of a one-credit course. This is great experience for future editors, graduate school applications, etc.

Minor in Writing Studies (24 credit hours)

  • ENGL 110 Introduction to Writing Studies
  • COMM 230 Business and Professional Communication
  • DIGI 240 Digital Journalism
  • ENGL 300 Advanced Composition or ENGL 320 Creative Writing
  • ENGL 320 Creative Writing
  • ENGL 400 Topics in Writing Studies

6 credits from

  • ARTD 240 Visual Literacy and Criticism
  • COMM 300 Argumentation
  • ENGL 332 Modern English Grammar
  • ENGL 440 Advanced Creative Writing
  • DIGI 105 Media Studio: Writing for Digital Journalism
  • DIGI 106 Media Studio: Information Gathering


Dr.   Francesca  Gentile

Francesca Gentile

Assistant Professor of English

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Dr.   Gwen  Hart

Gwen Hart

Associate Professor of English Composition

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Dr.   Matthew  Packer

Matthew Packer

Assistant Professor of English

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Dr.   Bryan  Kampbell

Bryan Kampbell

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

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Ms.   Miranda  Pollock

Miranda Pollock

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

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Ms.   Jamii  Claiborne

Jamii Claiborne

Associate Professor of Digital Media

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