Health Education/Exercise Science

In light of the nation’s changing and ever-evolving health needs, BVU’s exercise science health education program prepares students to be outstanding health educators in the K-8 or 5-12 classroom.

Become an Expert Health Advocate

BVU’s exercise science health education program prepares students to become experts in instructing proper diets and exercises to prevent chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to help the next generation understand how to live a healthy lifestyle, both physically and psychologically.

Specifically, the program provides students with a comprehensive background in an array of different health topics, including current health issues, lifetime health management, nutrition, health psychology, public and community health, and more.

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Top Notch Equipment

Human performance lab + more

Exercise science health education students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. This includes the new human performance laboratory, which houses a Metabolic Cart to measure oxygen uptake.

Unified Sports Day

Hands-on experience with meaning

Each fall, BVU students help put together Unified Sports Day in partnership with Special Olympics Iowa. The event is designed to promote social inclusion through shared sports training and competition experiences, and gives athletes with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to spend the day on campus with BVU coaches, staff, and faculty.

Minor in Exercise Science Health Education with Teaching Licensure (24 credit hours)

Only students seeking education licensure are eligible for a health minor.

  • EXSC 180 Lifetime Health Management with Lab
  • EXSC 202 Public and Community Health
  • EXSC 291 Current Health Issues
  • EXSC 310 Nutrition
  • PSYC 100 General Psychology or PSYC 102 The Science of Psychology
  • SOCI 270 Family Relationships

6 credit hours from

  • BIOL 108 Human Reproduction and Development
  • EXSC 352 Exercise Physiology with Lab
  • EXSC 435 Psycho-Social Dimensions of Sport
  • PSYC 201 Child Development or PSYC 210 Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC 203 Social Psychology
  • PSYC 239 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSYC 265 Health Psychology
  • SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology or SOCI 100 Modern Social Problems
  • SCWK 353 Social Intervention with Families

Additional certification for non-exercise science majors

  • Select the courses consistent with the level of your teaching endorsement

K-8 Teaching Licensure

  • EDUC 360 Elementary Health and Physical Education Methods and Field Experience
  • TEAC 412 Professional Seminar III: Student Teaching in Elementary Exercise Science

5-12 Teaching Licensure

  • SEDU 365 Methods of Reading in the Content Areas
  • SEDU 431 Methods of Teaching Secondary Health and Physical Education and Field Experience
  • TEAC 422 Professional Seminar III: Student Teaching in Secondary Exercise Science


Ms.   Janet  Berry

Janet Berry

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

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   James  Farnsworth

James Farnsworth

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

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   Jamie  Schoenherr

Jamie Schoenherr

Instructor of Exercise Science

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