Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take my honors classes?

It depends on your schedule. Work with your academic advisor to develop a four-year plan that incorporates your honors classes whenever they best fit into your schedule. A typical student entering the program as a freshman should adhere to the following general plan:

  • Take HONR 100 during your freshman year or as soon as you enroll at BVU.
  • Take your Honors Explorations courses during your freshman and sophomore years. Remember, these classes also meet general education requirements.
  • Take HONR 300 during your sophomore or junior year.
  • Take HONR 350 during your junior or senior year.
  • Take HONR 498 during your junior or senior year.

I already have to do research for my major.  Why should I participate in the Honors program?

Because you can’t do too much research. Many major programs of study at BVU require their students to do research, and that’s because it’s a very important component of any curriculum. The honors program gives you an opportunity to dig even deeper into what interests you. In your honors research project you devote sustained attention to a single project over the course of several semesters while working closely with a faculty mentor. You also get additional funding to support your research, while taking advantage of the other benefits that come with participating in the program, like early registration for classes, travel money if you complete All College Honors, and an impressive designation on your transcript.

Are honors classes harder than regular classes?

Yes and no. In your honors classes, you will engage ideas on a more sophisticated level than in your regular classes (because you have the brain power to do it), so in a roundabout way, they might be "harder." They are not harder because there is more work, but because the work is at a higher intellectual level.

When can I use my travel stipend?

You need to have completed or be enrolled in HONR 300 (Honors Proposal) AND have completed or be enrolled in at least two Honors Explorations courses in order to access your travel stipend.