For Faculty

For Faculty

How You Can Support the Honors Program

Thank you for your interest in the honors program at BVU.  The honors program is designed to encourage our best and brightest students to develop their academic talents beyond the regular curriculum.  Faculty participation and support are essential to the success of the honors program.  Here are some opportunities for faculty involvement:

Mentor Honors Student Projects

Honors students work on a three-semester research or creative project.  The project begins as a proposal in HONR 300 (Honors Proposal), is conducted for HONR 350 (Honors Research), and is finally completed when the student presents his or her findings during HONR 498 (Honors Capstone).  Faculty mentors work with the Honors program director to guide students through the process.  Get more information about Honors research projects.

In general, faculty mentors should expect to:

  • Provide significant intellectual guidance and personalized mentoring to assist students in the design, execution, and assessment of their projects.
  • Articulate clear expectations regarding standards of intellectual and technical activity commensurate with honors level work.
  • Establish protocols for regular communication with the student.
  • Prepare a syllabus for HONR 350 and provide copies to the student and the program director.
  • Provide necessary supervision for student work, especially as regards safety precautions.

Teach an Honors Explorations Course

Honors students are required to take 9 credit hours of honors explorations courses.  These are 200-level, topic-based, general education courses that ask students to engage ideas on a sophisticated level.  The most important single feature of honors explorations courses is the very high degree to which students are responsible to each other and to themselves for determining how classes are run – ideally, the faculty member running an honors course will occupy the role of resource and facilitator for a group of students who are directly involved in determining their own directions through the material. Read faculty course guidelines for developing honors explorations.  If you would like to propose an honors explorations class, contact the program Director, or the Associate Dean of Faculty.

Join Honors Students for a Dine & Discuss Session

A new feature of the honors program are “Dine & Discuss” sessions.  Faculty members are invited to join Honors students for hors d’oeuvres and to present their research and/or lead a discussion on a topic of current importance.

Serve on the Honors Committee

The honors committee consists of the Honors program director and one faculty representative from each of the five schools.  Representatives serve a three-year term.

Other ways you can support the program and its students

  • Encouraging high-achieving students to apply to join the program.
  • Being sensitive to honors students’ scheduling needs.