Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be notified of events and activities that are open to Dean’s Fellows?

You will receive emails from the Dean’s Fellowship Coordinator regarding all events and activities so be sure that you’re checking your BVU email on a regular basis. In addition, information will also be posted on the BVU Dean’s Fellows Facebook page.

Is there a required number of Dean’s Fellows events that I must attend?

To maintain their eligibility, Dean’s Fellows are expected to be engaged citizens in the program. Students should plan to participate in at least one Dean’s Fellow event per semester. One of the intangible benefits of this program is the opportunity to interact with other students of similar interests and potential. The more that you involve yourself in the Dean’s Fellowship activities, the more you will gain from being a member of this exclusive program.

Can I be involved in athletics or other student organizations if I’m a Dean’s Fellow?

Absolutely! In fact, we want our Dean’s Fellows to be involved in other aspects of campus life. We know that high academic achievement is simply one aspect of who you are. Dean’s Fellows come from all corners of the university.

What kind of opportunities can the travel stipend cover?

Any credit-bearing travel experience, including interim travel courses, study abroad experiences,  research related travel, and internships or independent studies that will take place outside of the NW Iowa area and will allow you to experience a new and different place or culture. The stipend cannot be used for any trips that do not earn academic credit (i.e. AWOL, Urban Plunge, etc.).

What if my GPA drops below a 3.3?

If your GPA falls below the required 3.3 GPA, you will be placed on probation with respect to the Dean’s Fellows program, and, as a result, you will not be eligible to use your travel stipend or to participate in off-campus events during this period of probation. If, after the probation period, you have restored your GPA to at least a 3.3 GPA, you will once again be able to participate fully in the program.  However, if you do not restore your GPA to a 3.3 or higher, then you will be dismissed from the program.

How is the Dean’s Fellowship program different from the Honors program?

While both of these programs share some similar benefits, eligibility requirements, and a common Coordinator, the focus of each program is actually quite different. The Honors program is very much a research focused program. The Dean’s Fellowship program contains no research component but is focused on other types of value-added experiences. To learn more about the Honors program, please visit