Traveling Beaver

Seeing the World With BVU

Overseas with Dr. Peter Steinfeld
Overseas with Dr. Peter Steinfeld Buford traveled with Dr. Peter Steinfeld to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hokusei Gakuen University in Japan, and to BVU's partners at Taipei Language Institute in Taiwan. See photos.

National Parks Tour
National Parks Tour Buford had a great time touring several National Parks with a stop in Vegas along the way! See photos.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park Buford traveled to Yellowstone National Park with Sarah Nowack SL'96 and Philip Nowack SL'93. They enjoyed camping, seeing the sights and Buford got a true "taste" of Yellowstone! See photos.

Interim Travels
Interim Travels The beaver traveled the world, along with BVU students, faculty and staff during January interim academic trips. See where our little yellow friend has gone! See photos.

Belize and Guatemala
Belize and Guatemala The Buena Vista Beaver came along for the BVU January Interim trip to Belize and Guatemala. He helped explore the majestic ruins of Xunantunich. See photos.

Hawaii The beaver traveled to Hawaii with Swasti Bhattacharyya, associate professor of philosophy and religion. They got some sun and had fun on the beach! See photos.

McCorkle Fellows Trip to Turkey
McCorkle Fellows Trip to Turkey The beaver traveled to Turkey with BVU professors, as part of the McCorkle Fellows program. Together, they met new people and saw the sights in Istanbul and other parts of the country. See photos.