At BVU since 1997
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Degrees Held

B.A., Buena Vista University
M.A., Pittsburg State University, Kansas
Ph.D., University of Kansas

Works published

Wagner, M. & Lamoureux, E R. (2005). Implementing an Objective-Based Assessment Portfolio: A Case Study for a Communication & Performance Studies Major. In A. Jafari & C.W. Kaufman's (Eds.) The Handbook of Research on ePortfolios: Concepts, Technology & Case Studies. Hershey, PA: Idea Group. (In Press).

McKinney, M.S. & Lamoureux, E.R. (1998). Citizen Response to the 1996 Presidential Debates: Focusing on the Focus Groups. In L. L. Kaid & D..Bystrom (Eds.) The Electronic Election. Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Jensen, K. & Lamoureux, E.R. (1997). Revisiting Written Feedback in the Basic Course: A Content Analysis of What Instructors Provide and What Students Deem Helpful. The Basic Course Annual, 10.

Lamoureux, E.R. (1995). Bringing Community Into the Classroom. In G.I.F.T.S. Great Ideas For Teaching Speech which accompanies B.E. Gronbeck, K. German, D. Ehninger, A.H. Monroe, Principles of Speech Communication. New York: HarperCollins.

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Lamoureux, E.R. (1994). Observer's Feedback to the Speaker (peer evaluation critique guides for both persuasive and informative speaking). In M.L. Hummert & S. R. Emel (Eds.). Handbook of Personal Communication. New York: McGraw-Hill.


Nominee for George Wythe Teaching in Excellence Award, 2013.

Nominee for BVU Faculty/Staff Volunteer/Leader of the Year. Recognized for outstanding service & leadership at BVU and in the Storm Lake community. This honor is sponsored by Student M.O.V.E., 2013, 2012, 2011.  Honored with award in 2002-03.

New Century Advising Award. Campus-wide honor based on dedication to student success, 2011.

BVU Faculty Member of the Year. Selected by students for excellence in instruction as well as commitment to students. This honor is sponsored by the BVU Student Senate, 2008-2009, 2002-2003. Finalist, 2013-2014 and other years.

Who's Who Among American Teachers, 2004-05 (9th ed.), 2003-04 (8th ed.), 2002-03 (7th ed.). Nominated by former BVU students. Honor bestowed on select 5% of nation's top teachers.

George Wythe Teaching In Excellence Award. Selected by students and faculty, this award is given to recognize and honor teaching excellence at Buena Vista University. Endowed by Trustees Paul the late Vivian McCorkle, 2002.

Departmental Nominee for the Distinguished Teacher Award. Award based on excellence in instruction and commitment to student learning. The College of Arts and Sciences, Illinois State University, 1996.

Outstanding New Teacher Award, Central States Communication Association. 13-state regional honor based on excellence in instruction and dedication to student learning, 1996.

Mortar Board Faculty Honoree. Student-nominated for university-wide recognition. Recommendation based on dedication and professionalism brought to the university. Red Tassel Chapter, Illinois State University, 1994.

Chancellor's Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award (one of three university finalists). Departmental nominee for university-wide honor. Recommendation based on exemplary teaching evaluations over course of graduate program. Communication Studies Department, University of Kansas, 1994.

Departmental Award for Teaching Excellence (awarded to top five teachers in general education communication course). Communication Studies Department, University of Kansas, 1994.

Buehler Teaching Award. Top Graduate Teaching Assistant, Communication Studies Department, University of Kansas, 1993.

Outstanding New Instructor. Communication Studies Department, University of Kansas, 1992.

Professional Service Award. Top Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Speech Communication, Pittsburg State University, 1984.