At BVU since 1987
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Degrees Held

B.S., University of Tehran, Iran
M.S., Michigan State University
Ph.D., Oregon State University

Works published

What is the Largest-Volume, Open-Top, Rectangular Box You Can Make from a Sheet of Cardboard? Exploring Polynomial Functions.
Published Online by the Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education, and the SERC Website at Carleton College, July 2008.

The Joint Mathematics Meeting of The American Mathematical Society and The Mathematical Association of America, San Francisco, California, January 4-7, 1995.
Presented a paper entitled "A Conjecture on the Eigenvalues of The Adjacency Matrix of the Complete Bipartite Graph of Order m by n." The abstract of this paper has been published in the abstract of AMS, Volume 16, Number 1, 1995.

On the Capacity of the Nth Extension of Binary Symmetric Channel. Proceedings of the Ninth National Mathematical Conference, University of Isfahan, Isfaha, Iran, March 28-31, 1978.


Senior Reviewer for the College Board
Invited by the College Board to participate in the Web Based Standard Setting for the College-Level Examination Program
A Reviewer for the Mathematics Books Published by Shiraz University, Iran
A Referee for the Papers of Bulletin of Iranian Mathematical Society

International Experience

I have experience and knowledge of history, religions, and political affairs of Iran and the Middle East

I have traveled to the following countries: Afghanistan, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Turkey, Yugoslavia, and United Arab Emirates

I have traveled to and presented papers in the following countries: Belgium (Brussels), Czechoslovakia (Prague), Finland (Helsinki), United Kingdom (London)


Watching Sport Games
Watching Political News and Debates on T.V.