At BVU since 1994
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Degrees Held

B.S, M.S., University of Cincinnati
Ph.D., Cornell University

Works published

Are Fruit Flies Colorblind? Shining a Light on Gene Expression in Plants Expression of the Clomeleon Gene Construct in C. elegans Isolation of Genes from Prairie Plants.


Fellowship with the American Council on Education Selection Panelist, Teaching Scholar Partnership Program, Council of Independent Colleges, Washington D. C.

International Experience

Travel to over 30 countries and six of the seven continents India, Kenya, China, Australia and Venezuela are of special interest Travel with BVU students to South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, Greece and Puerto Rico Collecting trip to Costa Rica for Cincinnati Zoo as a graduate student.


Member of the Board for Anova Agency, Santa Rosa, CA a premier service provider for children on the Autism spectrum Downhill Skiing, SCUBA diving, sailing, birding and botanizing Home Renovation Ethnic Cuisine.