At BVU since 1996
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Degrees Held

B.F.A, Texas Tech University
M.A., University of Arkansas
Ph.D., University of Kansas

Works published

Conference Presentations at ATHE, Association for Theatre in Higher Education

Interplay - an Interdisciplinary Exercise that Incorporates Improvisational Acting, Music and Art Making (Teaching demonstration)

Chair of Panel - The Director and the Organic Actor Conference Presentations at MATC, Mid-American Theatre Conference

Dazed and Amazed: How Live Theatre and Broadcast Performance Confounded and Expanded Audience Expectations (Paper)

Organizational Models in Rehearsal: Theoretical and Practical Applications (Paper)

A Doll's House: A ReCreation (Performance demonstration)


Who's Who in America.
Who's Who of American Women.
Who's Who in American Education.

International Experience

Accademia dell'Arte, Arezzo, Italy 2008: Symposium on Physical Acting Methods IATA, International Amateur Theatre Association, Toyama, Japan 1992: Professional Exhibition Performance of Kyogen-influenced play, "The Missing Lamb" - International Classical Theatre, Japan Tour.


Quilting, gardening, reading, traveling.