Exercise Science Internships

Exercise Science Internships

“...learned more than I ever expected to learn”

Alyssa Stout, Class of 2014

Hometown: Pulaski, N.Y.
Majors: Human Performance and Athletic Training
Internship: International Gymnastic Camp (IGC) in Stroudsburg, Pa.

"My internship at IGC was incredible. I had the opportunity to work with children and staff from all around the world. Throughout the entire experience I was able to improve my athletic training skills and become more proficient. I learned more than I ever expected to learn and was able to see injuries that I have never seen before. I feel like I'm better prepared to be an excellent athletic trainer after this experience."

“...steer towards a career path of one day becoming a strength coach”

Jesse Garcia, Class of 2013

Hometown: Harlingen, Texas
Majors: Human Performance
Internship: BVU's Strength and Conditioning Department

"My internship made me want to steer towards a career path of one day becoming a strength coach. I enjoyed working with BVU athletes and helping them improve their performances and overall health. My exercise science courses most certainly helped prepare me for the internship. I felt knowledgeable when monitoring workouts and answering questions the athletes had for me in regards to exercises and nutrition."

“...the opportunity to see many different career options”

Sharon Feld, Class of 2014

Hometown: Bondurant, Iowa
Majors: Athletic Training and Human Performance
Internship: Physiotherapy Associates in Des Moines, Iowa

"My internship was a great experience that gave me the opportunity to see many different career options within athletic training. It really helped me develop a better understanding of what type of career I want to pursue. One of the most eye-opening aspects of my internship was my work with a semi-professional football team which allowed me to see the day-to-day activities that are required of an athletic trainer at that level."