Written by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart (book) Stephen Sondheim (music and lyrics)
Directed by Lynn-Steven Johanson (staging), Stan Rishoi (vocals), Reginald Schive (orchestra)

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum takes comedy back to its roots, combining situations from time-tested, 2000 year old comedies of Roman playwright Plautus with the infectious energy of classic vaudeville. The result is a non-stop laugh-fest in which a crafty slave (Pseudolus) struggles to win the hand of a beautiful but slow-witted courtesan (Philia) for his young master (Hero), in exchange for freedom.


Prologus, an actor ..... James Johnson, Scott Lewison
Senex, an old man ..... Scott Lewison
Domina, his wife ..... Marci Krueger
Hero, his son ..... Paul Mueller
Hysterium, a slave ..... Scott Janssen
Pseudolus, another slave ..... James Johnson
Erronius, an old man ..... Neal Baedke
Lycus, a procurer ..... B.J. Hutchinson
Tintinabula, a courtesan ..... Susan Abraham
Panacea, a courtesan ..... Christine Lochmiller
The Geminae, courtesans .... Pam Bjelland, Helen Ware
Vibrata, a courtesan ..... LeAnn Broesder
Gymnasia, a courtesan ..... Margy Hill
Philla, a virgin ..... Pam Cook
The Proteans ..... Chris Thomsen, John Trambley II, Matthew Crouse, Paul Miille, Brent Ziegler
Miles Gloriosus ..... Keith Van Wiel