Written by Henrik Ibsen
Directed by Lynn-Steven Johanson

Hedda Gabler, daughter of an aristocratic General, has just returned from her honeymoon with Geroge Tesman, an aspiring young academic, reliable but not brilliant, who has combined research with their honeymoon. It becomes clear in the course of the play that she has never loved him but has married him for reasons pertaining to the boring nature of her life, and it is suggested that she may be pregnant. The reappearance of Tesman's academic rival, Ejlert Lovborg, throws their lives into disarray.


Hedda Gabler ..... Wendy Parks
Ejlert Lovborg ..... Jim Johnson
Thea Elstead ..... Cindy Berg
George Tesman ..... Mark Heugerich
Juliane Tesman ..... Chris Lochmiller
Berte ..... Sonja DeNooy
Judge Brack ..... Lance Herbold