Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Michael Whitlatch
Stage design by David Grant Walker

In Spring 1998, BVU prevented the male and female versions of Neil Simon's classic play The Odd Couple. Mismatched roommates Unger and Madison clash when their ways of living collide. The male version - with Oscar Madison and Felix Unger - alternated performances with the female version - featuring Olive Madison and Florence Unger.


The Odd Couple
Speed ..... Aaron Gillespie
Murray ..... Jed Spera
Roy ..... Abram Anders
Vinnie ..... Ryan Lunceford
Oscar Madison ..... Ben Jenkins
Felix Ungar ..... Stacy Carolan
Gwendolyn Pigeon ..... Amber Lei Hopkins
Cecily Pigeon ..... Janelle Den Bleyker

The Female Odd Couple
Sylvie ..... Kate Smith
Mickey ..... Michelle Anderson
Renee ..... Kimberly Finnell
Vera ..... Melissa Wadle
Olive Madison ..... Dawn Herbst
Florence Unger ..... Ali Vander Wilt
Manolo Costazuela ..... Bradley J. Workman
Jesus Costazuela ..... Justin Isbell


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