Written by Tom Griffin
Directed by Bethany Larson
Stage design by David Grant Walker

"The Boys Next Door," is a poignant comedy centering on four mentally challenged men living together in a group apartment. For them, life is alternately confusing, threatening, and wondrous, but for Jack, their social worker, life has brought him to the brink of deciding whether to continue in his job or go in a new direction. "The Boys Next Door" is a heartwarming play that reminds audiences that we all have hopes and fears, dreams and disappointments, and that we aren’t so very different from one another.


Arnold Wiggins ..... Adam Thompson
Lucien P. Smith ..... Tyler Kirkholm
Jack Palmer ..... Matt Scheffert
Norman Bulansky ..... Phil McLean
Barry Klemper ..... Andrew Lupkes
Mr. Hedges ..... Jesse James
Mrs. Frems ..... Brittanny B.J. Johnson
Shelia ..... Lindsey Warren
Mrs. Warren ..... Kelly Goetz
Clara ..... Sandra Smith
Mr. Corbin ..... Andrew Fleer
Mr. Klemper ..... Nathan Dreeszen
Senator Wendi Clark ..... Megan Schettler