Written by Aristophanes
Directed by Michael Whitlatch
Stage design by David Grant Walker

"Lysistrata" is one of the funniest anti-war plays ever written and the first "battle of the sexes" in dramatic literature. A group of women led by Lysistrata protest the war that is ravaging ancient Greece by denying their husbands all sexual favors until the men end the war. The men retaliate, and a battle of the sexes begins.


Lysistrata ..... Megan Schettler
Calonice ..... Megan Knapp
Myrrhine ..... Megan Walz
Lampito ..... Krystal Kehrli
Boetian Woman ..... Sandra Smith
Corinthian Woman ..... Lindsey Warren
Chorus of Old Women ..... Lacey Koster, Kelly Goetz, Jennifer Yeske
Men's Chorus Leader ..... Cody Schug
Women's Chorus Leader ..... Kelsey Heim
Chorus of Old Men ..... Kurtis Heithoff, Andrew Ensign, Shawn Roling, Andrew Fleer, Matt Scheffert, Curtis Sturgill, Andrew Lupkes
Councilor ..... Cliff Coggins
Old Women ..... Cassie Langstaff, Brittany Johnson, Sandra Smith
Women Wanderers ..... Dani Payne, Lindsey Warren, Laura Nowatzke
Cinesias ..... Luke Harwath
Cinesias' Child ..... Jessa Rhea (Wed.), Dalton Walker (Thurs.), Blake Lamoureux (Fri.), Gabriel Elsden (Sat.)
Commissioner ..... Tyler Kirkholm
Spartan Herald ..... Nathan Dreeszen
Reconciliation ..... Sandra Smith
Spartan Ambassador ..... Phil McLean
Athenian Ambassador ..... Adam Thompson
Athenian Ambassador ..... Thomas Stewart


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