Written by Moises Kaufman & Members of the Tectonic Theater Project
Directed by Michael Whitlatch
Technical Direction by David Grant Walker

"The Laramie Project" chronicles the life of the town of Laramie, Wyoming, in the year after the murder of 21-year-old student Matthew Shepherd, who was severely beaten because he was gay. Writers Moises Kaufman and fellow members of the Tectonic Theater Project made several trips to Laramie over the course of a year and half to conduct interviews in the aftermath of the beating and during the trail of the two young men accused of killing Shepard.


Kayla Bylsma ..... April Silvo, Lucy Thompson
Cliff Coggins ..... Jedadiah Schultz, Bill McKinney
Leeha Dilocker ..... Alison Mears, Newsperson
Nathan Dreeszen ..... Conrad Miller, Baptist Minister, Cal Rerucha
Camille Frank ..... Leigh Fondakowski, Reggie Fluty
Kelly Goetz ..... Waitress, Anonymous
Kayleen Grage ..... Barbara Pifls, Narrator in 1, Romaine Patterson
Luke Horwath ..... Jonas Slonaker, Doug Laws, Matt Mickelson
Kelsey Helm ..... Eileen Enger, E-Mail Writer, Narrator in 2, Sherry Johnson
Brittany Johnson ..... Zubaida Uta, Newsperson 3
David Jorgensen ..... Aaron Kreifels, Philip DuBois, Rev. Fred Phelps
Krystal Kehrli .....  Marge Murray, Zackie Solmon, Narrator in 3
Tyler Kirkholm ..... Father Roger Schmit, Andrew Gomez, Priest
Megan Knapp ..... Narrator in 1 and 3, Amondo Gronich, Tiffany Edwards
Phil McLean ..... Sgt. Hing, Murdock Cooper
Kyle Miller ..... Narrator in 1 and 3, Greg Pierotti, Matt Galloway
Scott Murphy ..... Stephen Belber, Narrator in 1 and 2, Rob Debree
Danielle Payne .....  Trish Sieger, Shannon
Ben Pruitt ..... Jon Peacock, Bailiff, Harry Woods
Jenilee Roddy ..... Sherry Aenenson, The Judge in 2 and 3
Sara Schaal ..... Jen, Foreperson of the Jury, Jean Lockwood
Megan Schettler ..... Narrator in 1 and 2, Rebecca Hilliker, Rulon Stacey
Brittany Schmitt .....  Narrator in 1 and 3, Dr. Contway
Cody Schug ..... Moises Koufman, Narrator in 2, Aaron McKinney
Laura Selders .....  Kristin Price, Newsperson 1
Sandra Smith ..... Minister’s Wife, Kerry Drake, Mercedes Herrero
Tom Stewart ..... Andy Paris, Stephen Mead Johnson,
Russell Henderson, Governor Geringer
Adam Thompson ..... Narrator in 2 and 3, Doc O’Connor, Phil Lobrie
Megan Walz ..... Narrator in 1 and 3, Catherine Connolly, Newsperson 2
Mitch Winkels ..... Gil Engen, Dennis Shepard, Shadow
Jennifer Yeske ..... Russell Henderson’s Homeroom Teacher, Newsperson 4