Written by Lanford Wilson
Directed by Michael Whitlatch
Stage design by David Grant Walker

As Martin Gottfried comments, "It is a simple one. A mystery, really. A man has been murdered. The mystery is, who he is, who murdered him and what were the circumstances? And to solve it, Wilson looks at the outsides and insides of his tiny, Middle Western town. He looks at a middle-aging woman who falls in love with the young man who comes to work in her cafe. He looks at a coarse, nasty woman mistreating her senile mother, who is obsessed with visions of Eldritch being evil and headed for blood-spilling. He looks at a tender relationship between a young man and a dreamy, crippled girl. But Wilson sees far more than this. He is grasping the very fabric of Bible Belt America, with its catchword morality ('virgin,' 'God-fearing') and its capability for the vicious. He senses the rhythm of its life and the cruelty it can impose. He understands the speech patterns of its loveless gossips, its sex-hungry boys, its compassionless preachers, its car-conscious blondes."


Robert Conklin ..... Scott Murphy
Eva Jackson ..... Megan Walz
Evelyn Jackson ..... Kelsey Heim
Nelly Windrod ..... Camille Frank
Mary Windrod ..... Kayleen Grage
Patsy Johnson ..... Megan Knapp
Mavis Johnson ..... Kat Mahr
Peck Johnson ..... Cody Schug
Josh Johnson ..... Adam Schenck
Lena Twit ..... Kristi Solon
Martha Truit ..... Tracy Cochran
Wilma Atkins ..... Brittany Schmitt
Skelly Monnor ..... Joe Titcomb
Preacher ..... Nathan Dreeszen
Judge ..... Tom Stewart
Cora Groves ..... Megan Schettler
Walter ..... Kyle Miller
Trucker ..... Darien Whitfield
Member of the Congregation ..... Ryann Riedemann