Written by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Michael Whitlatch
Stage design by David Grant Walker

This night in September of 1934 is the biggest in the history of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company world famous tenor Tito Morelli is to perform Otello, his greatest role, at the gala season opener. Saunders, the harried General Manager, hopes this will put Cleveland on the cultural map. Morelli is nowhere to be found; when he finally arrives drunk, it is too late for any rehearsal.

Through a hilarious series of mishaps, "Il Stupendo" is given a double dose of tranquilizers which mix with the booze he has consumed and he passes out. His pulse is so low that Saunders and his assistant Max believe he is dead. What to do? Saunders coaxes Max into Morelli's costume, intending to fool the audience with this fake "Il Stupendo.". Nervous amateur Max succeeds admirably, but Morelli revives and dresses for his second act. With two Otellos now in costume, the farce spins out of control onstage and off.


Max ..... Joe Titcomb
Maggie ..... Tiane Bonnes
Saunders ..... Brian Rubis
Tito ..... Chad Aubrey
Maria ..... Brittany Schmitt
Bellhop ..... Scott Murphy
Diana ..... Erin Kiley
Julia ..... Kristi Schwaller