Written by Michael Frayn (based upon a play by Anton Chekhov)
Directed by Michael Whitlatch
Stage design by David Grant Walker

Set around the year 1900 on an impoverished county estate in Russia, Wild Honey features Platonov, a charming schoolteacher whom the local women find irresistible. In addition to his wife, Platonov is being pursued by a predatory widow (who is in turn being courted by a retired colonel), a former girlfriend (who is on her honeymoon), and a determined chemistry student. Characters also include a doctor who drinks and ignores his patients, officers who live on old memories and fall asleep in the middle of important conversations and servants who see more than they are credited with seeing.

"Wild Honey" makes certain that the wrong character arrives at the wrong place at precisely the right moment, all elements of farcical comedy.


Dr. Trdezky ..... Joe Titcomb
Yakov, a servant ..... Kevin Bresnahan
Anna Petrovna ..... Tiane Bonnes
Porfiry Semyonovich Glagolyev ..... Mike Peuse
Sergey Voynitzev ..... Chad Aubrey
Colonel Triletzky ..... Kyle Miller
Sofya ..... Tracy Cochran
Vasily ..... Christopher Staggs
Marko ..... Joshua Kleinmeyer
Marya Yefimovna Grekova ..... Kayleen Grage
Platonov ..... Joe Ward
Sasha ..... Kristin West
Gerasim Kuzmich Petrin ..... Justin Travis
Osip ..... Christopher New
Peasant One ..... Andrew Ackerman
Peasant Two ..... Scott Murphy
Maid ..... Erin Struck